Saturday, January 16, 2016

Intel & insights: to cope with Looming Financial Crisis {2016}

Those of us who want to "Survive and Thrive" during the looming financial crisis on the horizon. I am compelled to implore you to have a "Front-of-Mind-Consciousness that shall serve to help you with  a sense of safety, protection and also an approach for "Peace-of-Mind"

If you've been 'paying attention' like I have, you should recognize and see Shades of the 2008 Financial Crisis Looming, not from afar, but is getting very close to being reality. In recent days the Stock Market fell sharply, Crude Oil dropped below $30/barrell. If you noticed, seemingly all efforts being put forth by Central Banks to get over the hump. It has been all for naught. Instead, the efforts are trending toward fueling an asset price bubble in the Stock market. Take note of the following:
~The S&P, reached its lowest level since 2014 {slid 64 pts}
~Dow Jones Industrial slumped 511 pts
~The Nasdaq Composite tumbled 190 pts
~European Stocks lost 2.8%
~The US Dollar fell to a one-year low vs the Japanese Yen

Again, if we've all been 'paying attention, we are aware that the economy and the market has not been ok since the 2008 financial crisis [recession]. What with the dollar index now resisting below its March highs. The Yen and the Euro are poised  to rise further. The question to ponder is, what does that mean for those of us in #Move2TheMillion, who are exchanging and holding Gold as a hedge and protection against inflation.

Let's focus on the recent activity of Gold. Just this week Gold rose $22.40  or 2.1% to $1,096.20 an ounce. Let me hasten to add, Gold does not lose its value, unlike the paper fiat currency, it only fluctuates. Therefore, when it's fluctuating that's a good time to exchange, because its just on sale for a moment.
The recent bounce we saw in the Gold Rise, is poised to rise even further. Remember the adage of investments, it is wise to buy low and sell high. Precious Metals, in particularly, Gold are going to be very interesting to 'pay attention to' Why?, because; you will see it will help to turn the current bear market around. The activity of precious metals shall inherently fuel the prospect to prove Gold in 2016 shall bring forth a pivotal year for all to benefit from. However, you must be involved to take advantage of such benefits. For more definitive details please feel at ease to make contact
Research: compiled/edited by Steve Braxton,

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