Wednesday, November 16, 2011

What it means to be Thankful or to be Grateful

If you are "Thankful" you may be touched or impressed with a sense of kindness received, from another, and is ready to acknowledge it, and to be "Grateful" for it.

 If you have a desire to be "Grateful". It could be directly cause by a  sense of benefits received. An affirming pleasure, that is pleasing to the senses. Something that is held in high esteem; it may be or could be very gratifying.

Food is grateful to the taste of the palate. We are grateful for getting enough sleep, nightly.

Poetic sharing
"Be Thankful"
Be thankful for difficult times-it's during such times when you grow
Be thankful for limitations-this give you an opportunity to improve
Be thankfl for new challenges-builds character and gives strength
Be thankful for mistakes-it teaches you valuable lessons (many lessons learned on the way to the blessings)
Be thankful for good things-a life of rich full fillment comes to those of us who are thankful for the set-backs.

Excerpts from impending book: "Creole Soup"
By; Reverend Steve Braxton
Also Consultant, Life Coach, f\Freelance Writer
Author; "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel"

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