Sunday, October 2, 2011

Another Day-A New Chance-To Begin Again...

I implore you to seize the moment each new day-that The Lord has made.
Be excited! about your future and the future of others you may have touched.
Don't allow self to look back on yesteryear-that may have memories to cause grief and disdain.
That time has come and gone by the's recorded in the historic archives.

Dont worry be happy! rather than be perplexed or harbor ill; or troubled; feelings
You may not know what the future holds-it has not yet come...
But what is known, is "who' holds the future.

Strive to live your lfe in the midst of the "here and now"
Take the opportunity and every effort to know and understand what "to-be-present' means.
Make it such a beautiful experiential encounter-that it shall be worth it to have a reflective recall.
A sort of rec-collected happening that shall capture and 'seize the moment' of the pass, present, and the future-for generations yet to come.
Excerpts from manscript & impending book: "Creole Soup"
Steve Braxton
Freelance writer and Authorpreneur
Recent books: "The Road That Is Diffcult To Travel" And "Prayer For An Occasion"

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