Thursday, December 30, 2010

Authentic Believer-Faithful Follower....After Christmas...What's Next?

The advent of the celebration of Christmas is done; now what's next?
If we focus on a materialistic based mindset-and you by chance venture
out to a shopping mall tomorrow; the many days immediately after Christmas.
You'll probably have good reason to think that Christmas is just another seasonal;
commercial-money making time for the retail merchants. And that it is a shopping spree time for all of us.

However, I hasten to add, we should dig deeper with the intent to discover more of what it really means.
I know I personally seek and expect to get more meaning for a better life application.
I have a hunger and a thirst for more than just a 'once a year celebration'
>I want it to be more than a giant spending spree
>I want it to be more than gifts to be given-food to be prepared, cooked and eaten
>I yearn that it be more than just gathering, talking and drinking, to be merry

If the aforementioned; is all that one seeks; then rest assured, it shall be an experience
and an ordeal of "felt emptiness", "exhaustion and being drained", followed by lonliness, disappointment, and
So you may ask yourself; "how should I get beyond Christmas and the months to follow?. How shall I
manage to be positive, focused, and keep the 'light of my lamp' burning brightly-on the path of the journey
for others to see and steadfastly follow?
 An answer might be: "for those who are 'authentic believers', faithful followers, and possess a flair for "Kingdom Attitude" and is focused on a "Power of Higher Authority"-we shall fall down-but we will get back-up again.
Always remember, that everything, and anything, if it is going to be positive; has a great deal to do with one's attitude and one's perspective for their life's purpose and passion.

You see, when we view Christmas authentically: as the divine and sacred celebration of the birth of the Baby Jesus; therein  lay the real meaning: it becomes the "Kingdom Perspective". In that regard; one shall have a chance and the opportunity to discover-how to keep the 'gleaning of a positive glow' as part of the expression on their countenance.
In effect, this shall be part and parcel; of the fuel to keep the luminous light a-glow-and it will shine brightly
on the path of the journey for others to see and follow. And it shall remain  a part of one's life for the rest of the year until the celebration of Christmas comes again year in, and year out.

NOTE: For more insight read The Book of Romans 14th  chapter of the New Testament Bible. Here the Apostle Paul was inspired to write a discourse concerning specific struggles and challenges that the Roman people was experiencing in ancient times just coping with life application situations.

-Steve Braxton
 Author: "The Road That Is Difficult To Travel"
2011 Community Ambassador-OneChicago-One Nation,Building America Together

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