Saturday, June 3, 2017

The Focus is Change...

When we consider the historic annuals of time; regards things such as insights, and Intel-being not as they were; and/or not being the way we are most accustomed to them being. This is both a distilling and  defining moment of  truth for 'Change' in transition to another manifestation for some new and different ways applicable to life.

Change is inevitable during the daily walk of "The Journey of Life". Albeit; the advent of change by definition often times encounters a measure of resistance. It takes on a contrasting lie; with a bit of distorted knowledge; touted with some difficulty for good people to discover and/or find their 'truth north' of 'what' and 'why' or who to believe, or whom they might trust, and how to live life righteously. Moreover, when everything they thought to be true or real-wasn't.

It is during this juncture when the 'what' and the 'why' of one's being takes center stage in consciousness. It becomes an ever present 'front -of-mind-consciousness'. -to discern the truth.

A consideration is; the notion of the 'what'-(just a reminder;) The Heavenly Father-sent his only begotten son. Then, let's focus on the 'why'-he was sent by the Heavenly Father-to pay the ransom for all sins, to wipe out the debt, and create the chance for change, so all humans could have the right and/or privilege to be in a 'right relationship' with the Heavenly father.

Now let's go back and re-focus on the lies. Those lies, does not have any chance to never supersede the 'Power' or the 'will' of the Heavenly. Just know this: Jesus shall once again descend to the Earthly Realm. When he does, he will possess 'All Power'! Love must and shall again reign and rule supreme over Fear.

Be cognizant, of what change really is....?
~It has the propensity to move people out of their comfort zone
~It changes what was once thought to be, real or true may not be relevant-based on the foundation of core values-as some untrue, hta was merely a twisted truth.
~Change may cause a shift in thought of consciousness-what once was-may not be anymore.
~The balance of truth, power, and reality that once was; might just upset the balance of 'what' and 'why' regards the Intel-we once knew..

Ultimate and Effective Change has been ushered in to be the order of the day; for a new and different way. - Say hello to; and embrace, 'Change'...

Steve Braxton, Hall of Fame Storyteller- Enshrined by The Chicago History Museum, Life Coach, Mentor, Member, cloth of the Ecclesiastical order of the clergy.