Sunday, October 24, 2010

Inspire Self-Believe the Sovernity of the Creator

Jesus was put to death-for our deeds. He was raised (resurrected) to secure our justification.
He absolved all of us from guilt before God. Its all about "faith". Through faith we can tap into the heavenly
kingdom-where Jesus is...on the right hand of the father. We are equipped to extend this in all of the
earth....Jesus promised by faith we can greater powers...Let's go forth!!!!

It is the wants and desires of Jesus-that we be not seized with alarm or struck with fear...
Only that we keep on believing, trusting and depending on him-alone.

Therefore, fear tolerated is faith compromized..Ps 23, says:The Lord Is My Shepherd...
Meaning you shant lack for nothing-there is no reason to fear...

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