Tuesday, February 14, 2017

ARE U A SEENAGER..? What is it..?

Well, you probably already guest what it is by now..If not, it's merely a Teen Age Senior. LOL
You just had to wait well beyond your initial teen years to enjoy the benefits.
Here are a few fun reflective things concerning a "seenager"
~You have your own pad
~You don't have a curfew
~Don't have to ask anybody for the cars keys
The following should jog your thought processes:
-Seenagers often go to another room, to get something, upon arriving there; you sometimes wonder why you came to the room in the first place
_-Seenages do not have a memory problem-it's nature's way of making sure you exercise more to stay mentally well-being and in good health.
-Scientists believes that seenagers are not hard of hearing-it's just the added pressure on the inner ear...[think about one for a minute...}

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