Monday, April 11, 2016

More Insights Regards Real Currency, Real money: "Gold"

Most of us know about, or have heard about, The Experts who are champions and spoken persons that that provides education insights and Intel on precious metals, Gold, That is...
Well in this post I want to take the opportunity to lift-up and edify one in particularly.
He is the the person of Robert Kiyosaki. Mr Kiyosaki has just released a new book.
The title: "Second Chance for Your Money, Your Life, and Our World. It a "Must Read"

I was both impressed and struct by his discourse concerning the powerful concept of the three-sided
coin. We usually tend to think of a coin as having only two sides, front and back. Or as the US Mint
refer to it as Observe and Reverse. But there is actually is a third side. What might that third side be called? Ok, Since you give up, I'll take you out of your suspense.

The third side is, known as "The Edge". Let's consider the 'edge' for the sake of clarity, to serve as a metaphor for how we as humans can approach a problem. As we engage in the problem-solving process. We tend to aspire for ascertaining and/or acquiring, seeking more knowledge. In the process
of obtaining that knowledge it provides the proclivities for gaining insights and intel for just about any situation.

Therefore, when you view something that has and edge, from the edge. You are actually able to see
both sides, the Observe and the Reverse. In the process this allows the mind to open up and grasp the
other person's  point of view. When you do such process helps to broaden the prospective your mind.
Mr. kiyoaki goes on to impart other key points that serves to both clarify and strengthen your belief in the benefits of having physical precious metals, i.e. Gold

Here are just a few of the ideal points, assets and attributes:

  • Go "Big Picture" as much as possible
  • Study the past to see the future
  • Be first a pessimist {to get prepared}; then an optimist {to seize the gains}
  • The rich focus on assets; the poor focus on income
  • The less you focus on money, the more you'll have
  • After viewing things from 'the edge'...think, prepare, and then act
Remember, that everyone thinks about living at the expense of the state. But It's important to be aware of; is that the state wants to live at your expense it's called taxes on earned wages. The goal
is to make it a none issue. How do you accomplish that? You can begin by exchanging the fiat paper
dollar into a Gold Savings Program. It's a tried and proven systems and strategies that earn Big Dividends.

Steve Braxton, Independent Affiliate, Karatbars International, life Coach, Blogger and best Author selling books.

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