Monday, September 26, 2016

Ways Of Spiritual Growth-{The series contin}

There are several components-that shall allow one to achieve true and effective "Spiritual Growth". The initial introduction and previous post I did a week ago expounded on the first component. Which was; "It Is Intentional". Just a quick reminder to refresh your memory. It is intentional because it is not accidental. Meaning: one must be deliberate to intend to grow spiritual attributes. One must make a conscious choice; to connect to; and embrace the components for genuine Spiritual Growth. As one begins the journey to attain such traits the aim is to reach the 'commissioned' plateau. Which is attributable to making it all the way, not just to 'ministry' but 'mission'

This week we shall proceed to share and learn about the next component, which shall be, "It Is Incremental..." We are aware and know that is true with physical growth---so why not in the spiritual realm?. It is a tried and proven fact that children grow through developmental stages: Firstly,  they learn how to breathe; then to eat; then to walk; then to run and to talk. Children when growing up don't usually take those stages, out  of order. Why? each one of the steps and/or stages is a very important component that must be taken in proper order.

The same is true for the developmental stages of "Spiritual Growth"  The whole intent and purpose should be about helping another to grow closer; and closer to Jesus; to be in a right relationship with God. In essence; we must at all cost strive/endeavor to "Practice The Presence of The Lord". Getting to know who Jesus is; then become aware of how important is; to know him and then loving him, growing in him; serving him; praising and worshiping him; and to always share his goodness and mercy with others. Learn to exist for others, bare witness to them, stand in the gap for them, be an intercessor for them; these are im-pactive genuine steps and stages to reach and grasp "Spiritual Growth" Amen...

Bishop Steve Braxton, Founder-Marketplace Outreach Ministries, Inc., And National Clergy Fellowship Outreach, Chicago, IL copyright@2016,

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